Today i'm looking forward to getting G's things out of the interior of the house. She STILL has not come to pick up her things or remove her car, so i must do it because this really can't go on. Today i'm packing and moving her things and i'll make one last attempt to get her to pick them up. Then tomorrow i'll start posting her furniture for sale, so that i can pay to have her car towed. Then i'll put her clothes and linens in the trash (they aren't clean and i have too much to do to wash, etc.) and i'll call Good Will to come pick up the rest. I'm looking forward to getting this done with by the end of the week.

I'm also looking forward to finishing this sweater. i'm working on the last of the knitting. Then on another day i'll sew it and put in a zipper and block it.

It's a beautiful day, and i'll probably have to go out to get more yarn to finish the sweater, so i'l look forward to my walk. smile