Continue the plan, continue the Tucker Carlson marathon (yesterday there was 4 new and the 1 from the day before was a double so got 1 from the extra pile for that day), play Warship Strafe (last year when i started playing Battleships again i decided 1 day to see what other online games of that game existed and its 1 of the 3 i played - theres less boats and its easy to miss since you drop the bomb with an helicopter and the board moves too if i remember - will never play it again after today) and drool over myself while watching Michael Fassbender (Alien: Covenant plays twice but with the night i had i cannot watch the second presentation).

Edit: Just looked and now it is only one representation! Yesterday it said 21:00 and 23 and something (after :00 and before :30) but now it is at 23:00, I still will watch completely because I want to do that but that is frustrating especially since I am tired! Normally these errors do not happen mad!

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