One important thing and continue the Tucker Carlson marathon (yesterday there was 2 new and no double).

Last night I wrote down all the last videos of all the channels (2 of the newest were gone and i had found 1 a few days before which is why i decided to start that again but now i do not care if theres another that regularly post videos of him ill stick to that until i watch him on tv - just went with my 4 favorites last night and got rid of the links - decided today to keep visiting 5 since its an ok number and later i will get back these links in my favorites on that spot and always just visit these every night starting tonight but i will finish with my second favorite now and keep starting with my favorite ~ The Liberty Hound + Very Fake News + Trump Fan Network + 50 Stars + The AntiCoIntelPro Show ~ the rest will remain there as backup in case 1 or some or most or all disappears).

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