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i know it's hard. Sometimes i sit blankly for 20 minutes trying to think of things to look forward to, but it's worth it, so i always try to find three things. If i bother to look for things, it gets me turned around to where i'm feeling happier and have more energy.

This morning i'm looking forward to working hard and getting as much done as possible. I know i won't get as much done as i'd like but i'm just going to focus on a few things and at the end of the day i can see progress. Gradually i'm relearning how to make longer commitments to myself and others, doing a little every day but over the course of weeks, and that's really helping me to see progress in things like my fitness, my writing, and fixing up the house.

Also today i have a class i can look forward to, and my friend/co-worker E will be back from her trip today to visit her grown-up children.

And if i need a fourth thing to look forward to....

there's always coffee! laugh

What kind of coffee you love?