It's very cold this morning, but i'm still determined not to turn on the heat until Thanksgiving! I'm sitting here with a hot water bottle in my lap and an alpaca blanket. smile

What can i look forward to today?

I made the GOOD coffee today.. smile I'm trying to hold off on getting my second cup so i can look forward to it. I'm trying to drink less coffee so i really need to savor it. The sun is shining in my bedroom windows and it's very pretty.

Yesterday i finished a knitting project, so today i get to pick a new one. I'm trying to write patterns for holiday knitting workshops so today i think i will begin a hat of my own design, and type up the pattern as i go.

I have a class tonight and i hope many students show up for it. Last week i had six students, which is a good size. The fall break at the college is done and students have returned, so late this afternoon i may see one of my favorite knitters.

I hope i am successful with work today. Every day is a challenge to do better. I hope too that a lot of people post in Self Development today... i enjoy reading others' posts so much.