It's a new day.

It isn't always easy to see things to look forward to. Sometimes we have troubles or sorrows and it is a challenge to find the gifts in each day. But the gifts are always there, whether we see them or not. And they are plentiful. Each day holds things for us... beauty, love, laughter, learning, sharing,... if we can find it.

When my father lost a daughter... he ignored his other children for years. He did not see the gifts in his life. He didn't know her very well before she died, because he was too busy for her, for all of us. I can understand how he reacted when she died... it's understandable to be grieving... but i still would have wished for him he could have woken up and seen what he still had, and used his loss to deepen his appreciation of and his relationships with those of us who were still there with him and wanted his closeness. We were right under his nose... yet he couldn't see us.

And i've been like that too sometimes when i've gotten lost in sadness. Sadness can be like quicksand. But sometimes you just have to get your mind off whatever is sucking you in and look up, look around... reach out and talk to people and get involved in life. Get your mind off things. Help someone else or just go back to basics and learn again how to appreciate weather, nature, music, healthy food, great ideas, good books and people.

best wishes to all.