I'm glad IDon'tPlayWithTrolls and Jase joined us.

Today i'm looking forward to looking in the bedroom i'm working on... each day i work a little on it and it is showing improvements and that pleases me. Yesterday i was starting to repair gaps in a panel in the back of the closet... it's a several day process, because the patching compound you use a little at a time and let it dry. I also did another layer of paint on one wall and paint scraping on the windowsill.

I'm also looking forward to seeing my knitters this afternoon. They always cheer me up. Yesterday one of my knitters asked that we throw a surprise going-away party for the college student that's been with us for summer. We are collecting small knitting gifts for her to add to her "stash." smile The party will be next Friday.

I'm also looking forward to finishing some promotional materials for my classes, and hopefully printing them off today. I ran out of ink for my printer though... so i'm going to try to send the documents to the library and print them there. Then that job will be off my mind.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day today!