Continue the plan, continue the Tucker Carlson marathon (yesterday watched february 26 - there was 2 new and i was not sure but it may all be doubles when i will get to that date), play Cootie for the last times and check Youtube to see if the last six episodes of MasterChef Junior of last year and all of the episodes of MasterChef are there then would finish by Friday's episode (would start by the 6 then the adults - May 30 is the new season of the adults).

Edit: Episode four is missing, I will check every day and if it does appear I will check if the others (put in my favorites) are still available then if all the others are there too I will start watching one per day. If by the new season of Hell's Kitchen it has not appeared then I will stop watching these two shows, anyway I have been fed up with both and that is because of the woman judge. I would feel bad because I love Gordon Ramsay but hey it is what it is. If it would not of taken a long time for the first episode to appear on Youtube last year I would of watched just the first two on there and the rest on television.

Oh and also if I want to at 21:00 I can drool on myself while looking at Michael Fassbender in Assassin's Creed grin!

And I just decided that I will try the eighth dosage of that melatonin tonight.

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