I am sitting at my computer in a sunny window, and i can look at the sky through the maple and butternut tree leaves. It is a warm fall day.

I have my cup of coffee here.

I am thinking about a very dear friend of mine who doesn't know how much he means to me.

Today i hope i can work a lot and help people. It matters to me when i can help others and make their day a little better.

I will play with my cat today. I am amazed at how much he has improved this year. I took him in the day after Christmas. He was very aggressive then... more than you probably can imagine. But yesterday, for instance, he kept coming to me when he wanted to be pet. This is a BIG thing. Also this week someone else mentioned they could see how much Fisher (the cat) trusts me. I'm pleased i could turn this "bad boy" around and resocialize him. smile

I would love to hear what the rest of you are finding in this day that makes you happy. I know many of you are struggling with depression. I have found that looking for these little blessings right under our noses really helps. I enjoy reading what others share.