That often happens when we have been working very hard without a break. Time to play, socialize, and occasional vacations helps us to remain fresh in our work, enjoy it, and do better.

I know you feel you have to work very hard now, but can you come up with a plan for not having to work so constantly or such long days?

Today i am going to try to get my writing done more quickly, because i want to try to finish the vest i am working on for a class and then write up the pattern.

I'm also trying to figure out what i want to accomplish tomorrow. This week i will start making some purchases... perhaps a new camera or a printer or a battery for my laptop. I have been holding off on buying clothes, but i will be making some purchases soon.

I'm looking forward to baking a loaf of bread while i do other things.

It will make me feel good to finish the vest and make progress with other work.