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I am looking forward to find that-

Holly does not feel guilty when she tells about what she faced in past.

Holly feels protected.

Holly believes that the future will be very good and all her dreams - a husband, children, writing, love will be fulfilled.

Holly begins sleeping like a child.

Thank you very much, CD! smile

Good things are happening. TOday Nancy and her friend Ernie came to help me get my car running again. There are multiple problems but Nancy took charge which is very helpful to me now. She wants me to get my car going so i can drive to her city and help her with some of her things, which i am looking forward to doing.

It is a stressful week. Gretchen's daughter has been acting up. She's only 3, i think. One of the naughty things she did today was lock herself in the bathroom and then at first refused and then was too confused to get out. She does not know her right from her left yet, and kept asking us questions we'd need sight of her to answer, but i finally figured out how to direct her to open the door. I held the doorknob so i knew if she was touching it, and said, "no, not that one, above that," and then told her to "move the latch towards the bathtub" to get around the right/left thing.

Today i am looking forward to working and tonight i'll watch a mystery on television while i knit, and i build a fire in the fireplace. I've also started making a loaf of bread, as i usually do on Sundays. smile