I guess none of us had anything to look forward to in January since there has been nothing written since New Year's Eve. wink

Sorry about not answering about the movies, Holly, but it has been a little crazy for me. We just watched a couple of new movies and broke our traditon of watching a "series." I can't even remember the names of what we saw. (That's the problem with not watching a couple of the same movie titles, Part 1, 2, and 3. I have 3 times the chance to remember what I watched!) HAHAHA wink

Today I am looking forward to doing laundry and getting things finished for my mother to visit my brother for 8 weeks. smile

I am thankful for some sun and blue skies and spring-like temperatures.

I am grateful that we were missed by the bad storms that hit the mid-west with such vengence. I have sadness for all the families who lost loved ones and suffered devastating loss in the powerful storms and tornadoes that hit Kentucky, Tennessee and the surrounding areas overnight on February 5th. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone living in those areas.

I am grateful that I still have my 87 year old mother alive and thankful that she is still so happy, although I AM looking forward to her visiting with my brother. laugh