I have no idea. Mom wanted to paint and she did. Right now she is doing some repairs, when these are done and perhaps some paint touchups then all she says she wants to do is clean the house and make sure the yard looks good too. I would not be surprised if she keeps finding things or and dad freaks out and says that they will not put the house for sale. If this is done then they will do like they always have done (unless 1 or both makes sure this house never sells which by the way will mean in about 2 years they will lose it) which is pick a house that they will not be able to afford and that will need many repairs. Either way I do not care I have enough money to have a new life away from them, if I stay to at least see what they do I will at least have a little more money aside. If they do pick a house that they can afford and where we all have a room each for ourselves then I could stay there a while and get more savings.