For those of you trying to keep the heat off (not a problem for me as it's not cold here yet), one thing I've done in the past to warm things up is to boil water on the stove--it's like a little steam humidifier without the dirty, moldy [censored]. Increasing the humidity in the air increases the temperature.

I discovered this by accident when trying to humidify the air in the winter when I got sinus infections. I'd boil/simmer the water and next thing I knew, it was hot in the house and I had to turn down the heat.

Be careful not to let the pan boil dry! If you are making pasta, that works, too. Actually, anything liquidy will work a bit. So, cooking helps heat the house, and that's why I usually only use the oven when I'm not running the AC.

Running the dishwasher & then opening the door and letting the hot dishes air dry helps, too.

Oh, and if you do take baths, leave the water in the tub until it really cools off--that will also help heat the air in your house a bit.