Found Conquerors of the Island when I was looking for other versions of Flash Ludo and only tried that one, it would be okay except that it often freezes (did that when i played on FOG) and if it does not then at least once you will take a long time to finally move your character, played it a while ago for a last time. Also played Cootie once not too long ago, it is an idiotic game but it is quick and kind of fun.

I also decided that I will try tonight the seventh dosage of the melatonin, if it can work I will be finally able to watch The Hateful Eight tomorrow, it is a long movie and the time it will play tomorrow that would be stupid with my insomnia (especially since i do not eat during new movies so would have to eat something later before the night routine) but if it does work I will be able to finally watch it plus it would be so awesome to sleep normally.