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laugh I am hoping by then i will have a new digital camera for myself, and i will attach a picture of me to my posts and also post some pictures of my house. smile

Kerryanne... i'm trying to remember... there was a famous musician... i want to say it was Isaak Pearlman but i'm not remembering clearly yet... anyway... there was a musician who as he aged he had horrible arthritis, and his hands were all distorted and he was hunched over and stiff and looked very crippled. But when he went to the piano or violin, it was as if he was transformed, and he became fluid. Both music and love have the power to do that. I am glad you are going to play. smile Good luck! If at first it doesn't go as you wish, hang in there, keep trying!

Today... i am looking forward to meeting with R to sit and write, and to finishing a knitting project and teaching a class. There is much to do also... visualizing, working on the room, reading... i enjoy these things.

Yes, and his fingers used to be same after he finished the work.