My "worst" students are happy, and they progress on their projects and learning. That's really what matters to me. I don't really have other groups to compare them to, but one of my students went to another yarn shop (much bigger) about 45 minutes away and she told me when she was asked where she took knitting classes and she said with me, that they responded, "ooooooooooh, so you're an ADVANCED student!" hahahaha, and we all thought that was very funny, but it was also very flattering. That store has been trying to get me to teach there too, but it's a long commute.

I mostly let my students progress at their own rate but i've learned some sneaky little tricks to get them to try things beyond what they realize they can do. One of those things they tease me about now... hahaha.... whenever they ask me how hard something is, i always say, "that's easy!" I also keep looking for new things and doing demonstrations of interesting techniques... this peaks their interest and makes it look not as difficult to do. I've found that if i can get even one of the students to try a technique on a project, that the others will then follow. So first often i will make a class just try the technique on scrap yarn, and then often one of them will decide to try it in their next project. I guess you'd call this baby steps. smile