I watch him on YouTube. I always liked him (the only 1 i could stomach from Fox along with Shepherd Smith who lost his mind the pas few months BUT i think he was not on Fox when i first saw him). Then in August I only got my news from The Liberty Hound on YouTube and almost every videos were of him so I developed a crush, after that went on Fake News for news and there were barely any of him then I found seven other channels and when I was able to get to where I was at before watching only Fake News for new I got them all (took a while - then was watching whatever and i soon saw that was stupid so ended up with a system), started watching one per day (the system) and when I finally get all the days together (im 70 days behind technically) I will be able to watch more than a day per day and only do one visit per night of the channels to get all the previous day videos and set the same day aside in case more is posted. Sometimes some doubles do get by but I guarantee that I have not deleted any videos that had parts or were entirely not seen by me. For the days where there is no videos I get one that is different (like the last was his last show on MSNBC - he had something done to show at the end - lets just say he was not heartbroken to leave that channel lol). I will watch him on television one day but like that I can basically see most of his episodes if not all sometimes. Today I am watching November 5, only the following day is found but will do at least two later.