I did the same thing, AF, when i divorced my husband. I also changed the bedding and moved the bed to a different wall, and started sleeping on the other side of the mattress at first, and then in the middle. It did help!

My ex slept a lot... he would usually go to bed before i did and rise after me, so i did not spend much time in my bedroom except for sleep. I laughed one day and said it had been years since i'd seen my bedroom except in darkness. laugh ...that wasn't strictly true, but it was funny. It did happen a lot, though. The hardest thing for me was correcting my habit of dropping my clothes on the floor which i had picked up during those years. I picked up that habit when i got used to undressing in the dark, because putting them away properly would have required my turning on a light and waking him up. Now i spend time reading in my bedroom. I like that.

One of the best pieces of advice i received after i separated from my husband was to, "Go do all those things you wanted to do but could not or did not when you were with him." Strangely, the things i most wanted to do did not have to do with dating other men, but instead things like hogging the bathroom for a long bath, cooking spicy food more often, and spending more time with a friend whom he had not liked. Doing these things reminds us of our own identity, and makes us stronger. smile

In the next few months i will move into a different bedroom. Change is good. And i have found that when i want change in one part of my life (like right now for me earning more money and dating), if i am feeling a bit stuck, it helps a lot to change something small first, something that does not have as much emotional charge. Furniture arrangement is one of the easiest things to change, and every time we see the new furniture arrangement it signals our brain that we are in a new place or time, and that helps us to break old habits and routines, and i think, makes it easier for us to do the larger change we are wanting.