Do you teach also, das? I think most of us teach whether or not we're a "teacher."

To teach better, i just try to remember 3 things:

1. Enjoy it. Enjoy your subject. Enjoy your students. Help them to enjoy it. Everyone learns and works much better when they are having a good time and are interested in what they are doing.

2. Help them to feel competent. Nothing hinders learning faster than when a student feels they can't learn or aren't good at doing things. This will not only help them in the subject you are teaching. If you help them to feel confident in just that one area, it will help them to feel more confident in their life as a whole.

3. Talk to each student individually every time you see them. Find out where they are at in their studies or project, what they want to do or learn next, if they need you, and how they are doing outside of class. If they don't show up... find out why. Show you care. At the beginning of each class, i check in with each student. Near the end, i ask each if they need any clarification or help on what they will be doing before i see them again.

That's it.