I'm trying to help 2 families... one is a friend of mine who's been looking for their first house with her husband. They've been looking 2 years, looked at many houses, and not felt they've found the right one. They made offers on two houses but their offers weren't accepted. The other group is a family that are friends of a friend, and they ran into financial difficulty, and are now trying to sell their home quickly before foreclosure. It would be a wonderful advantage for both the families so i hope it works out. My friend would get closer to the kind of big house in a nice neighborhood she wanted but couldn't afford, and a lot of extra equity, and the other family would be able to have some much needed money. It's been hard to get my friend to go over and see the house because she's just very nervous, but i finally got her to agree so i'm hoping i can set it up to go over in the next hour. Wish us luck!

Trish it sounds like you're going to have a lovely day!

I think accomplishments are great, but i think that many other things go into our value, and our self esteem shouldn't just be about what we get done. Sometimes we try and fail, but it's great that we tried. Sometimes we receive a compliment and that lets us know how we are valued by others. And sometimes it's just a quality we have.

For Trish: 2) You are a very intelligent lady, and 3) you wrote a great post!