Continue the Tucker Carlson marathon (yesterday watched almost all of july 19 [2 all deleted but found] i had to rearrange how i find the videos because The Liberty Hound had no videos and the others too - the ones on Fox News were recommended to me when i went on Youtube for the last time and i remembered clicking on his from the day before so the last extras went back to their previous spot and the 1 above went back with the others waiting - checked the channels on the list and 1 has only 2 left and 1 1 - 1 who did not post Tucky in a long time had 2 and 1 got to that date - 1 has a lot and 1 a few of him but the few has a better quality of images) and play again Klondike Turn 3 on Solitr because unlike the others I could not win it again like last year when I played there.