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Have you thought of a particular brand? i am looking for one. Advice.

I would first think out how you want to use it, for they make cameras suited for different needs as well as different price ranges. Do you want it simple and easy to use, or do you want to be able to do fancy stuff like manual settings? Do you want a docking station so you can print your own hard copies of photos or would you rather print from your computer printer or download online and have prints made for you by a professional company or at a local store? Would you be doing elaborate photo editing on something like Photoshop? Do you mostly want to share photos online and will not need many prints? If you want hard copy prints you might wish to consider a camera that has a docking station like the Kodak Easyshare, then again, you may have more professional requirements than Easyshare can offer. If you will be doing a lot of photo editing on Photoshop there may be other cameras better suited. Do you want a small camera so you can easily carry it with you, or do you want a really good lens (a bulkier camera) so you can do more professional work? How much do you want to spend? Figuring this out will help you find a camera that is a better fit for you. I, for example, am looking for something inexpensive so that i can get it soon, something small so i can carry it with me, i primarily want it for uploading photos to share online, and i don't want the battery frustrations I have had with my otherwise lovely Canon Elf (the Canon Elf had a rechargeable battery, which in the beginning i thought would be nicer than disposable batteries, but it unfortunately keeps less of a charge each time it is used).

I like to first check reviews in my price range, and then go to a large store with the reviews and talk to a salesperson there... i tell them what my particular needs are and price range and then i always ask also, "what is your best value in my price range?" That one question has often led me to a fantastic purchase... for example, they might have a professional grade camera that is the store model and their last in stock because the model is no longer carried, and is now half it's usual price. So it might, for example, let me get a professional camera, for an amateur price... but i won't know until i ask what is available.

Here is one review, for example, for cameras in the $100-$200 price range.

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