Yay, das!

Thank you Manjari.

Today i am looking forward to work. I want to get better. I'm also working on a sweater and i think the hardest part is over, so i can knit while doing other things (i have it in my lap now, for instance). I have a little more home improvement stuff i need to do today... i'm putting in part of a heat register and need to mow the lawn today or tomorrow and arrange for high speed internet.

I'm going to try to relax today, too. There will be a lot of people in the house and children, today, and it will be a little stressful until i am used to it.

I'm going to start looking in clothing catalogs for new clothing. I have lost a little weight. If i lose just a few more pounds i will also fit into some clothes i already have. I can get into them now, but they are tight, so i hope to improve in the next 2 weeks.