I was in such a hurry to get to class this morning that i didn't have time to think what i had to look forward to, but as it turned out, it was a great day teaching with two very nice new students and a number of my returning students.

Now i am home, and i'm looking forward to resting. Last night we had very VERY heavy rain and high winds go throughout the night, and it was hard for anyone to sleep with all the racket. Large trees are down today but fortunately none in my yard. I haven't decided yet if i'll nap for an hour or just try to stay up and go to bed when i can sleep through the night.

I am looking forward to finishing some knitting projects tonight, and i ran into the gallery owner today and we talked briefly about the calligraphy and he wants more. So i can look forward to talk to him tomorrow about that, and then i have a private lesson tomorrow and then a class. This is good, it keeps the money flowing.

Also tonight, i really should shop for a new t.v. if i'm not too tired. The other day, through a strange accident, my t.v. started to burn (caused by water... i told you it was strange!). Crazy, crazy. Anyway, i doubt my t.v. will work again, but i've been hoping it might after it dries out. Probably though i will shop for a new one soon or even tonight. I'm a little tempted to cancel my cable and try to get away with no television, but i think, living alone as i do, it keeps me from feeling so lonely to have it.

I hope all of you are finding things to look forward to also. Sometimes we have to really look.