I always liked him too but never really watched him until last year in August when I started to only visit The Liberty Hound on Youtube for my news and almost all of their videos are of him and I really fast developed a crush but before I realised that my impression that he was nice and a real journalist was right. I started watching him by day (with all the channels i visit i basically get almost everything) soon after, it took a while first but by February I was done getting all the days together so started watching more and more.

I of course do not agree with all his views and there are a few of his interviews (the worst was [from i think september] when he interviewed a satanist where he was completely unprofessional) I do not like or at least some parts of but nobody is perfect and if you dislike or hate anyone you do not fully agree with you for sure will not have anyone in your life and certainly not idolise anyone!