Just made an order on Ardene (1 pj pant at 19,50$ + 2 short sleeve tees at 6,25$ each + 3 bras at 17,50$ each + 2 bras at 8,75$ each + 1 pack of 3 pens at 7$ - free shipping - discounts of 30,52$ - total of 90,23$).

It is done now with bras, all are in a long plastic containers and with the newest there will be no more room left. For the shirts there is still room in like two drawers and I will finish this later. I will keep checking every day if they come up with new Minions stuff (the shirts are in the bed drawers and theres still a little room there too) and when they will have free shipping for every amount I will check the fun stuff category and others like pajamas.