Hey Jilly,

Nice to see you posting again smile

I'll always remember you reaching out to me in friendship when I was new to Bella and kinda down and out in Beverly Hills smile

Now I get to return the favor smile

Connie, my better half, has been experiment with on-line garage and yard sales for over 4 years now and she had a bumpy road for a long time.

There was a lot of chaos and drama against the admin for enforcing decency rules of respect in the groups.

But, as she has just told me, all and all it is a good place to get rid of unwanted merchandise and things you simply don't want or need anymore.

Connie went through a lot of bummed out times when it was slow and did not take off.

Well, it did take off and over time she grew it to over 5000 members and had to have help with other admin.

She was structuring it on her own and was trying to keep people in the right categories and manage drama.

Well, as luck would have it, she was very fortunate to find out that there is a group of folks on facebook who have solved the majority of problems with an app inside facebook called


So, save your $47 and find a VarageSale group in your area !!

They have over 300,000 groups that span the globe.

It is all done through facebook.

1) Have to have a facebook account.
2) The app is inside facebook called VS
3) Find a group in your area and ask to join !

I really, really hope this helps you out as it is very organized and orderly with over thousands of people buying and sell per group 24 / 7 !! smile !!!

Though this VarageSale, Connie and I have gotten everything from pots and pans brand new in the box to patio furniture Brand New $75 for the set -- brand new computer for dirt cheap, clothes, books, beds, antiques, jewelry, real gold for pennies on the dollar !!!

She is sitting in a slightly used leather chair with a matching ottoman for $15 !!!

We even got yard work done simply by asking who wanted to do it !!

Very inexpensive.

Times are hard and people are really taking advantage of this buying and selling person to person without a middleman !!

Here in Florida you have to have a permit for a physical yard sale limited to 2 per year.

But that does not apply to on-line yard sales.

It was made by a lady in Montreal Canada who's husband wrote the app to keep things orderly.

So, check it out Jilly smile

They have a map so you can find a group locally to you in AZ or CA.

Virtual Garage Sale !!

Best on The Planet !!!

There are individual yard sales on facebook, but since Connie started one on her own and was the admin, it became to unruly to manage, so now VarageSale is more organized and orderly so it pretty much runs itself without her pulling her hair out.

Hope this helps smile

Burt & Connie smile smile