I just spent 26,80$ on Amazon Canada with the seller (first time buying with them...they dont charge for shipping and they have very cheap prices) Wise Mall (1 pair of sunglasses for 3,69$ [the reason why i bought from them...these glasses are like goggles...the sides are covered...i have like a psychosis with protecting my eyes and its worst here since theres so much dirt] 1 apple memo note pad for 1,29$ 1 pear memo note pad for 1,29$ 1 mushroom 7 changing color night light for 1,79$ 2 elastic headbands for 2,89$ [1 is for my mom] 1 4 different gel pens for 4,69$ 1 wall sticker for 1,61$ 1 starfish earrings for 2,09$ 1 adjustable headband for 1,49$ 1 ying yang earrings for 1,29$ 1 green stars earrings for 1,79$).