Hi Jilly! I am very sorry to hear that you are sick! I hope you feel better soon!

I was able to get two of my daily moisturizer (could be used as night to but was using another for night and could not get it anywhere) and will keep them for later with the tonic (never got to use it..was waiting to finish an old cleanser from my old aesthetician before starting using tonic) and unused exfollient from the discontinued line (its just 1 bottle that is small but i never use a lot of exfollient so ill be able to use that along with the 2 bottles of cream). Now with the two bottles opened I with strech them as far as they can go then I will use other products until I finish the ones who don't exist (in Canada that is) anymore, I think I know which I will try, I'll keep on searching on the internet then order (or buy in a store if its something thats sold here) next week. It's a shame about that, not only were they great products but they were also cheap.