Hi Karen!

Triple A (AAA) is an auto insurance company that gives you a package for a monthly or yearly premium...It's not that expensive as I remember. We had it in California. If you break down, have a flat tire, your car burns out, they are there for you. They will be there efficiently and friendly and give you a ride if necessary.

Check out their website. AAA.com and find your location. I looked and you have to scroll to the bottom of the page and there is a link right there! Then you can type in your zip code. Start off by going to the Membership tab and it gives you an insight of what they offer and go from there.

It was great for us. We locked our keys in the car so many times, or lost them. They would be there with a crow bar! LOL>>NOT KIDDING! Check it out! It may be worthwhile for you if you drive a lot.