So today worked out okay. Dan and I ate our fish tacos (taco tuesday pricing) and each had a happy hour pint of beer. So that really was pretty inexpensive, and this was for a special family occasion.

The park was free with my parks pass, and we really enjoyed doing all the activities they had and spending time with my family. I bought a magnet for $3, which was a totally unnecessary expense, but since we didn't drive our car, we saved more than that on gas. I collect magnets, but am really selective about the ones I get, and this was a nice-looking one.

Coming home, my mother and I walked around her pool for an hour and talked (free fitness and social time).

Then I did some reading and posting online, and will trade backrubs with Dan tonite (all free).

Tomorrow there are a ton of things to do, and i expect we will spend some money at CVS, pay an electric bill, and use some gas to get to AAA for a free Triptik and a notary signature. But we also plan to walk along the bay, which is fun and free.

How are you guys feeling about your expenses these days?