I'm not supporting my parents (well they did steal 16,000$ from me...it was a "loan"...i was too stupid to realise that they would never be able to pay me back...in 2 years they will renew the mortgage and i was told that they would borrow 16,000$ to pay me back...yeah right) the satellite I got in 2000 and when we moved in 2009 they were supposed to pay it for me but I learned that they did pay it but late so I started paying it again (in their mind paying late is normal....i hope they did not screw with my credit).

The 200$ for their vacation pays their gas, the rest they are okay with. I figured that it would cost me less to pay their gas then to rent a place and to buy what I would need while on vacation.

I technically have enough to move out but I would need an appartment 400$ or less by month with electricity included, these are rare. I was able to put some money away (i have no idea how...now that i pay the satellite again it will be harder) and this could help me paying internet for a few months while on my own, I would have to find a job quick though!

My mom took the 200$ and she left me a note saying that she did not tell my dad and that if something happens and they don't go she will give my 200$ back. They better go because I am about to go crazy always with them around. They know that I am going crazy and they don't care. Sometimes it's like they do what drives me crazy on purpose.

I think that now the difference between Canadian and American dollars is very tiny.