I don't think I will spend money today, but I did yesterday.

I bought a tank of gas ($3.43 gallon).

Went to goodwill and got a pillowcase, pretty throw pillow and a tote bag.

I also went to the Dollar Tree and got some office supplies, a little gift for dan, a pair of cute socks, two eye colors, a perfume, and some bath mats for the floor in the RV. The office supplies made me the happiest: I find organizing supplies soothing.

It was a big spending day for me, but I was doing a little 'shop therapy', since I got some rather bad news that will be a big hassle to deal with. Which I do not recommend as a rule, the shop therapy. But it was better than the anxiety attack that preceded the shopping...

I add this info here to let people know that YES. These things happen, even in our best attempts at living frugal lives.