Yesterday I bought cat food (without even a coupon or sale, boo), some bachelor buttons seeds (edible flowers), a start of garlic chives (yum), a self reliance magazine, some hair color and coloring shampoo, some mexican beer (on sale) and five one dollar bottles of seltzer water (i have fresh lemons from the food pantry to flavor them with). I was able to use food stamps on the water.

Everything but the cat food and the chives was from CVS, where I had a 25% off coupon, plus ten dollars in Extra Care Bucks and from using the Green Bag Tag. So at CVS, i really just paid for the beer out of pocket, and everything else ended up free.

Today I will pick up my meds from CVS and will again use my Green Bag Tag. That gives me a free buck every four times I use it. What a nice system. And my meds are free for me through my health care program. It all works out nicely.