Today I made three internet orders (wanted to do 2 but Overstock do not ship cds to my country and they wanted to add almost 50$ to the shipping cost of the 4 items picked so I got out of there) the Amazon orders I had no choice because the first CD for some reason is only available through sellers and not them (and it is my favorite cd of all time + wanted the 2 others are part of that collection so ordered them today too but had to ask for separated shipping since the last will be shipped in 3 to 5 weeks while the other was immediately ready to ship ~ that made me so angry to have to order these 3 cds separately that forgot to login Airmiles Shops so lost what that would of given me).

Sears Canada is 117,81$ (3 Disney long sleeves nightshirts at 14,99$ each [1 Snoopy 1 Grinch 1 Garfield] 1 thermal long sleeve shirt at 18,75$ 1 thermal pant at 18,74$ 1 two ways mirror at 19,99$) I will pick it in Rimouski.

Vanderbilt CA on Amazon Canada is 22,70$ (Batman Begins score at 19,21$)

Amazon Canada is 34,30$ (The Dark Knight score at 14,58$ The Dark Knight Rises score at 11,27$).