Hi Lisa. My parents have no access to my accounts. The satellite bill has always been in my name but they promised to always pay it before we moved. The bill comes in the mail so they take it to the bank and pay it there. From now on I will always check the mail and take that bill so like that I know it would always be paid and in time. In my parents's minds paying late is no big deal so this is why my mom was shocked when I told her that my credit was good and that I wanted to keep it that way. I don't know how it works in Canada with our credit names. My mom said that it was always paid in full just late, I really have a hard time believing that this did not affect my good name. My mom told me that it would take more for them to cut us off but I only care about my name, my parents don't care about them so they figure I'm like them. It took many years and many awful things to help me not trust them with anything, I'm really ashamed that it took me so much time and hits to make me realised this! If NHL would also have their playoff games on their website I would pay to watch my games online and have all the English channels off and put that bill in my dad's name but can't do that, being with Shaw would cost me less money but I can't go with them before I know for sure that I'm still stuck here for years, don't want to pay to break a contract (first appartment i find that has electricity included for 400$ or less im outta here).