Maria - i do miss those posts! I'd love to see more of those here again.

Speaking of CVS, I've been getting a TON of those free $10 gift cards, and $5 extra bucks rewards in the last few weeks. The trick is timing your purchases for things you need with the sales, and stocking up, and rolling those extra bucks.

If this is greek to anyone, let me know and I will explain further!

I really love CVS. They've really 'gamified' the shopping process in a fun way.

This weekend I didn't buy anything, and the only thing I spent actual money on the entire week was, again, some wine. You can't use extra bucks on wine, but you can get 10% off wine deals at both CVS and Walgreens.

In the week prior, I did pick up a few things at Goodwill. I'm staying with family in Florida, and realized I didn't bring much more than tank tops here. So I had to pick up a few long sleeved shirts, a knitted wrap, and a hoodie.