I will have to spend a lot of money in the future since I lost everything except my four musketeers and a few other things (pajamas mostly...my dad saved 1 things that had winter clothes in it and i will give it to my mom....the pajamas i will also give to her...i will start completely over).

The day of the fire I went to a drugstore and got my pills along with a few things. As far as my beauty routine goes except for the Lypsyl (that i use less often) everything I use are cheap products and I also stopped doing a few things like taking care of my eye area.

Last weekend I bought a tuque, coat and boots for walking when it will be cold. A few days ago I bought the things I will need for my nails (bought something for weak nails since they are like that now...1 broke and the skin is exposed a little and im waiting for that 1 to be growned enough so that i can all cut them to an equal size).

When I will get my deodorant (Dermadoctor) will arrive in my new house I will start buying my new wardrobe. The clothes I got with Red Cross I will either give away or use them to clean the house. I will also give away my wallet that I was able to save, I really want to start over, all will be left from my life before the fire will be the four musketeers.

Before October 8 I have to find a television so that I can have a satelitte dish installed on that day. Then I have to hurry to find a computer since Windows 7 will not be available for house use after October 31 and I do not want that Windows 8 horror.

I was also able to save my savings and I will not use any of it, my parents will give me back my stolen savings and that too I will not touch.

After the season of the Dallas Stars is over if my parents can be back to how they were before we moved here on November 9 I will be able to stay with them longer so I could have more money and maybe even finish high school if not then 21000$ is more than enough to start over. If I can stay with them that money could be use to get rid of body hair or/and travel or/and whatever else I want (i could even spend an hockey season in dallas!!!!!).