Went to Matane today and I spent money there. 6$ at Rona (1 box of cone incense...my parents bought 2 other things so i asked them to pay it then i would give the money back home...did that so no taxes for me..hehe), 33,34$ at Le Grenier (1 trenchcoat...it was 99$ so that was a great deal...i first saw it when i went there in the beginning of may and hated it when i came back a few weeks later i entered the store but was not too sure and today i was hoping there was 1 left in my size), 17,25$ at L'Aubainerie Entrepot (14$ for a blouse and 1$ for a teeshirt), 4$ at Dollorama (4 big Aero...with that too my parents bought and then i gave them the money [without the taxes..hehe] back home) and 13,96$ at Les Aliments M&M (4 frozen poutine).