Debbie and Vintage, you are doing a wonderful frugal job!

Vintage, not going out is a GREAT way to not spend money. Unless you end up on

This has been a good week. My month's food stamps came through and i used the various store sales to buy the food and earn money back coupons from Frys, Alco, CVS and Walgreens. I managed to get a free ten dollar gas card from CVS plus some extra bucks from my quarterly purchases and green bag tag uses. I got $28 in register rewards from Wags, two coupon bucks from Fry's for picking up gatoraid, and a ten dollar Alco card from spending $50 on food.

One of the cereal boxes I got from CVS also has a mail in rebate in the back to cover the total cost of the item! More money back!

I figure that if i am going to buy food with the stamps anyway, it's better to buy food that gives me a reward. Then i use the rewards to buy non-food.

And I can plan my meals around the foods i end up with or at least put in the pantry for later use.