Debbie, I've talked to a lot of people about frugality, and I do try to tell them that being frugal is actually kind of fun. It's like a game for me, to decrease my expenses to the lowest possible point, and still have plenty to live on. It's a mindset.

I know your situation isn't exactly fun for you, but it's great experience for when you are working and want to SAVE money in case another bad situation arises.

I hope you find a job soon! Looking and interviewing and waiting is no fun at all.

I'm glad you like my tips! I do think some people might see some of my advice as extreme, but anyone can certainly read what I offer and then dial it back a bit.

I do have an example to set, after all. smile


Yesterday i got a free dinner at my Getting Ahead workshop (and I actually get paid $10 to go to each class!) and also exchanged some of my books for 'new' books at the used bookstore. I love new used books!

I did have to drive to Cottonwood, but i carpooled with a friend who gave me three dollars for gas.

I have to admit i did buy an expensive craft draft beer at a local bar after class. One pint came to $6.45! Yikes!

I should stick to my $1.50 beers in my hometown pub. smile

Today: no expenses. YAY!