Today I went to Matane for an eye examination and I was excited to see many stores I like (1 of my fave is in the same shopping mall!!!!) but besides for my favorite drugstore (none here) I decided to shop when I will go back to pick up my glasses. At Iris I spent 394$ (the eye exam was free but only 79$ will go for my glasses [the secretay calculated it for me and it was deducted already eventhough i have to fill up a form for this] and she gave me something to mail and they [the glasses maker] will give me back 100$ by mail) and 68,27$ at Jean Coutu (a Vichy eye cream [apparently its miraculous] and a Vichy 3in1 [it serves as an eye makeup remover makeup remover and something else] i used it when i was using makeup and it was a fabulous product...hopefully they did not changed it).