I bought a couple dozen eggs today, but I had to go to Whole Foods. I like organic eggs from free range hens, and the farmer whom I usually buy my eggs from does not have any available right now. With the hot weather and the older hens he won't have eggs for at least 6 months while he raises some chicks to be laying hens. I don't like commercial eggs that are cheaper. The hens live an unhealthy lifestyle in cramped cages, and the eggs to me have no taste. So until I can find another farm, if I can, I will have to pay more money for my eggs frown

That is one expense I was hoping to avoid. Last fall I stocked up on the farm eggs and coated them with mineral oil to keep them fresh. I had farm eggs until the end of March, even though the farm was closed for the winter season.

Debbie Grejdus
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