I used my register rewards today and did relly well. I made a couple of mistakes and ended up spending almost three dollars, because the walgreens money has a lot more rules to follow than CVS money. I can usually get out of CVS without spending anything.

I did manage to use some product coupons with the rewards, which is great, but that also means you have to add more products to the checkout! I usually grab packs of ramen noodles to cover the extras, but then i go over a little bit in terms of money.

In any case, I was able to pick up a free $12 item using RRs; i got a Flat Fix It for my car. I have it now in the jeep with me in case i have a tire blow out (on the many dirt roads here). This makes me feel safer driving, and i would not have been able to afford picking this up without acquiring register rewards to do so.

The key is to buy things you need, but wait until there is a register rewards sale (or CVS sale) to do so. Then use the RRs on things you would like to have, or on the things that never go on sale.

I hope this is coming across in a way that makes sense. I don't want to write an article on how to shop at Walgreens until I feel i can explain the rules properly.

In other news, I did manage to only buy things at CVS today that would earn me Extra Bucks and I used a red machine coupon that gave me $4 back. So i spent nothing, got a bunch of things I needed, and earned another $8 in extra bucks for next week.

Hopefully next week they will go back to having the gas card freebies.