Lisa, that's pretty good on gas. What place has ten cent friday discounts? The best gas I find around here is usually at Frys, where you buy food and then good gas discounts at their pumps. Frys is also known as Krogers.

I want to hear more about your long term plan? How do you want to get serious about frugal living? I can totally help if you want to bounce your ideas off me. I like to help.:)
Me: I spent around 50 cents today for a few gallons of nice drinking water from the 15 cent kiosk in front of my local grocery store. There are kiosks all over town, but most cost 25 cents or 20 cents a gallon. i like the 15 cent ones. smile

Reverse Osmosis drinking water is really yummy. I find i drink more water when i love the taste of it. It becomes my favorite treat.