Karen, i love finding and saving change. Even finding a penny makes my day. I often have dreams where I find change in the road, and they are good dreams. :-)

In fact, what i bought today from a thrift store was a used change sorter. it has test tube-like things that you load the change into, and then it tells you how many dollars it has become. I love it. It was $3.23 with tax.

It seems silly to spend money on something to save money, but I hope ultimately it will encourage dan to save his change, so that he will see that change becomes actual cash with very little effort.

I also picked up two pretty storage boxes for Dan, since he feels like his misc items are everywhere. At the thrift store, they came to $6 for both, and he was really pleased to get the gift. He's already happily filling his boxes up. :-)

So that is $8.23, with no gas used (went in my mother's car with her).

I didn't go to AAA and CVS today, since we are waiting around for someone from craigslist to come and buy our mini-fridge.

I do need to call the electric company in AZ, since there is a disconnect notice due if I don't pay that by tomorrow. So it is a good thing the mini-fridge sold.

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