I love it when things like this align.

Just yesterday my husband said we should get a fire safe? I mean out of nowhere. Just me in the kitchen. So, lol, me thinks he might be right (I call these affirmations).

I spent "0" money today and I'm quite proud of this one...

But had a bottle of club soda from the store. I'm like I'll bet I can make the same thing. I REALLY have sensitive taste-buds.

GOT IT! (virtual clappy-hands).

My husband had purchased a Soda-stream. I messed around w/some ingredients. He couldn't tell the difference.

Someone also sought me out. Likes some of my ideas. Wants to have dinner, discuss business? I don't do public, so it has to be a small place, but I've been broke for so long, it felt really nice smile

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