Yesterday I went to Amazon and picked up another power switch - this one is the simple two prong kind - as the price had dropped on it and i needed one for my laptop.

I also picked up a set of sweat wrist bands to help me stay cool this summer. Sounds paradoxical, but i will be using them to wipe my brow when i go hiking. Those were also very cheap.

Lastly i also grabbed a set of USB heating fingerless gloves to use when I am on the computer in the winter. Normally I would have waited until winter to pick this up, but this was another sale price I did not want to miss. It might even come in handy for camping this summer, so I am not complaining. They even have little depictions of Pooh Bear on them. heh. smile

So i spent $13 for the three things. None of these were actual needs, but the first and last item were bought with the idea of saving watts in my house and lowering my electrical bills.