Today I bought an angus burger at mcdonalds. I NEVER eat fast food - this was a special treat for me for no real good reason. It was almost $5.

I also got some free tupper-type containers from the free box at the Senior Center Thrift Store.

Yesterday I bought nothing.

Monday I bought a few things at ACE hardware that were free and almost free rebate items. After i get my money back, I will only have spent a few dollars for some metal glue, a bottle of bug spray, a spray water pressure bottle (gallon size for my outdoor shower) and a bit of rope. I like it when ACE has freebies. smile

Over the weekend i bought nothing.

And on Friday I spent $10 on a beverage for myself and one for a friend at a nice wine bar.

I need to be better about keeping up with this, so i can track my spending and make a report for you guys. Let me think - last week i got my meds and vitamins from CVS (free with my health plan), and picked up some seltzer and food items with my food stamps.

I got a few bags of food from the dented can store using food stamps. I love that store. smile

I did get $25 in free gas from a low income voucher program, and will be getting another three vouchers over the course of June.